2004 Recap

Thanks to our sponsors, volunteers, and participants for another great event!

Records and rain fell hard at the second annual Rainier-to-Ruston Rail Trail Relay on June 5, 2004, National Trails Day.

Team Theresa set a new record by traveling from the Carbon River Ranger Station to the finish on Ruston Way in 6 hours, 56 minutes, and 14 seconds, toppling last season's record of 7:10:35 by almost 15 minutes.

Race founder John Selby captained Team Rainier, which completed the course in 7:18:01. John's brother Jeff's Team Tahoma finished in 7:36:15.

The three teams collaborated to set another event record for participation as 18 runners and 8 walkers completed the course.

"We proved today that this trail is already ready for a highly competitive relay," said Selby. "The 2004 event was a worthy stalking horse for 2005-when we open Rainier-to-Ruston to the public."

Monsoon-like rains in Sumner and Puyallup tested the teams' fortitude. Other challenges included unpaved sections above Carbonado; lost runners above Wilkeson and Puyallup, respectively; and growling dogs above South Prairie.

"We've ironed out most of the kinks," said Selby. "Next year the Foothills Trail will be prepared to accommodate the workload of a competitive relay that's open to runners from all over the northwest."

» Team Theresa-6:56:14
» Team Rainier-7:18:01
» Team Tahoma-7:36:15
» Old Record:
  (set in 2003)-7:10:35