START Line address:

35415 Fairfax Forest Reserve Rd E, Carbonado, WA 98323
Race Start and Check-In
is located at the Tacoma Mountaineers' Parking Lot about 1/2 mile from the Carbon River entrance to Mt. Rainier National Park.

Finish Line address:
3939 Ruston Way, Tacoma, WA 98402


No vehicles 80" or wider, or longer than 20'. No motor homes, buses or limos are allowed on the course by any team or team support.

Packet Pick-up begins 45 minutes before each wave start.
Please note there is limited parking at the start line, so please allow cars from the prior wave to exit the lot before entering.

6AM Start Time - WAVE A
Required start wave for solo runners.
Running Relay Teams averaging 11 minutes/mile or more
New for 2019: Any team starting in Wave A that runs the race in faster than 8.5 hours will be disqualified!

7AM Start Time - WAVE B
Running Relay Teams averaging 10 - 11 minutes/mile
New for 2019: Any team starting in Wave B that runs the race in faster than 7.5 hours will be disqualified!

8AM Start Time - WAVE C
Running Relay Teams averaging 9:15 -10 minutes/mile
New for 2019: Any team starting in Wave C that runs the race in faster than 7 hours will be disqualified!

9AM Start Time - WAVE D
Running Relay Teams averaging 8:45-9:15 minutes/mile

10AM Start Time - WAVE E
Running Relay Teams averaging less than 8:45 minutes/mile

We distribute teams evenly across four wave starts in order to minimize the congestion of support vehicles at the upper exchanges.  
Here is a spreadsheet to help you. Please estimate the average pace of your team as accurately as possible.
*Runners will not be eligible for awards if they start in a different wave time than they are registered for. 

The finish line opens at 2:00 PM.
Any team starting in waves A, B or C who arrive at the finish line before 2:30 PM will be disqualified (any team running faster than 8.5 hours for Wave A or faster than 7.5 hours for Wave B or faster than 7 hours for Wave C).
We appreciate your compliance so we can reserve the earlier waves  for teams that need more time to complete the relay.

Beer Garden at the Finish!
Silver City Brewing is our new beer sponsor. Each runner who wishes to receive a beer at the finish line gets one free!  

Grilled Cheese made fresh on site by Sunshine Productions. We offer gluten free and vegan delicious versions! We love each and every runner and don’t want you to be sent home hungry.

The schedule below will help you know when racers will be coming through.  
Of course these times depend on all teams accurately estimating their pace and seeding themselves in the correct wave.

First and Last Arrival Times

Rainier                                     6:00/10:00

Fairfax                                      6:45/10:45

Carbonado                               7:45/11:45

Wilkeson                                  8:20/12:15

South Prairie                           9:10/13:00

Crocker                                    9:50/13:45

Orting                                       10:15/14:10

McMillin                                  10:45/14:40

Meeker                                     11:20/15:40

Puyallup                                   11:55/16:45

Fife                                            12:40/18:00

Tacoma                                      13:30/19:45

Ruston                                       14:10/20:45

If you decide to abandon the race, please notify a race official so we don't send out a search party!